(Birth) Day number..

The Birthday number is simply the day when we were born into this world. The day of one’s birth is significant because it can tell us about who we are and where our talents lie.

One’s birthday number is one of our four essential numbers when it comes to figuring out the path of our life through numbers.

We do not need to calculate our birthday number because it does not need to be reduced. In addition, the 31 days in the calendar signifies a different meaning for each date.

If you were born on the 1st, you are a born leader. You like working with groups of people who you can motivate with your visionary mind and great will power.

Being born on the 2nd makes you more of a peace-lover. You want harmony in all things and you are good in diplomatic and personal relations.

Those born on the 3rd day are people who are usually artists at heart. You have great enthusiasm and you probably excel in various kinds of art forms.

If you were born on the 4th, you are hard working. You have compassion for people although you are never overly emotional, thus making you appear tactless at times.

Being born on the 5th instills a certain adventurousness in you. You crave the wild and unexpected. Travelling and meeting other people is one of your core interests.

With people born on the 6th, you are usually generous people who like helping others in need even to the extent of sacrificing yourself. This is also why you can make a good doctor.

If you were born on the 7th, you are intuitive. You rely mostly on your excellent intuition. You are smart, spiritually and philosophically oriented.

If you were born on the 8th, you have a good sense of how to handle money. You have a knack with business and handling finances.

Those born on the 9th are highly creative people. They are good in the arts and are typically charming to boot.

A birthday on the 10th means the person possesses a lot of determination. He possesses leadership abilities and typically yearns for independence.

Your birth on the 11th day of the month makes you more of a dreamer. You are highly ambitious and posses a strong drive for success.

If you were born on the 12th, you are very sociable. You enjoy being the life of the party by regaling people with your stories, jokes, and witty retorts.

Being born on the 13th, you are a natural organizer and possess a sharp eye for detail. You do your job with the best you can be but you are still searching for the right job you think is suited for you.

As a person born on the 14th, you most likely possess a lot of talent either as a writer or an editor. You love change, but you must always remember that there must be a balance in everything.

If your birthday lies on the 15th of the month, it makes you particularly fond of arts. You can easily learn languages and adapt to changes in various cultures and environments.

On the other hand, having a birthday on the 16th means you have strong orientation towards the philosophical and spiritual aspects of life. You may even possess psychic abilities at some point.

If you were born on the 17th, you are daring. You have strong financial and business instincts.

For those born on the 18th, it means that you’re somewhat a politician. You are a born leader and have a vast knowledge on law and politics.

If you were born on the 19th, you desire self-sufficiency and you are independent-minded. You envision success but you must also learn how to work with others because you’ll need others to support you.

Those born on the 20th, in contrast, are very impressionable. They sense others’ feelings and are good at reading other’s thoughts.

A person born on the 21st is imaginative but he needs to focus on his endeavors to be able to succeed. You must learn to act to be able to realize your dreams.

If you were born on the 22nd, you have a great potential to be an excellent leader. You possess the strength but you must be careful about the negative effects of being afraid of pursuing you dreams.

A birthday on the 23rd means you are an adventurous person. You want to live life to the fullest since you don’t want to miss out on the potential fun things you can do in life.

For those born on the 24th, you have a strong family attachment with a gift for sustaining harmony and stability in relationships. You’re also skilled in acting and drama although this can also cause a propensity for you to be overly dramatic and emotional.

With a birthday on the 25th, you are more intellectually inclined and have a logical approach to life. You also have a keen insight and a rational mind especially when it comes to investigating and researching.

If you were born on the 26th, you like to show off that’s why you are driven to succeed in your dreams and endeavors in life. You would make a good businessman since your creativity and originality makes for a good approach to business.

Being born on the 27th, you serve as an inspiration to others. You have a broad overview on things and you probably excel in the arts.

If you were born on the 28th, you are more often than not, humble. You are a born leader but you prefer gentle persuasion to grand displays of power.

With a birthday on the 29th, you are usually a late bloomer but your intuition is your gift. You dream big but you seem to develop slowly than others.

If you were born on the 30th, you are artistically gifted and you it is advisable that you should be professionally involved with arts. You are smart and you are a good decision maker.

Having your birthday on the 31st, you are determined and precise in doing the work you were tasked to do. Your co-workers rely on you and you have excellent concentration.

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