Life Challenge Number Chart

Reveals the challenges in your life.

You should first calculate your life challenge numbers.

Life Challenge Number 0 - People with Life Challenge Number 0 tend to face more unrelenting trials. Having this, as one’s life challenge number brings about a sophisticated spirit since you are thought to possess the abilities of all numbers in order to overcome these kinds of difficulties.

Life Challenge Number 1 - Under the Life Challenge Number 1, people can feel as if they are being foiled by one-sided incidents towards their goals and aims in life. In spite of this, having a simple plan and less aggressive stance will help in turning the tables to your favour.

Life Challenge Number 2 - On the other hand, people under the Life Challenge Number 2 are self-centred and think that they are the most important beings, thus, they blame others and become overly sensitive once they realize they’re not that special. Lack of ambition during childhood years can cause them to have doubts in themselves and have poor self-image.

Life Challenge Number 3 - The younger years of a person under the Life Challenge Number 3 is introverted and full of frustration while in the adult years, it may make them come off as too full of one’s self or eccentric in their later years. Often enough, people under this number have difficulty focusing because of either of mental disruptions or apathy.

Life Challenge Number 4 - For Life Challenge Number 4, this often suggests a difficulty in finding employment or a gratifying career because people under this number may not feel like working or suffering from a disorder or disability preventing them from working.

Life Challenge Number 5 - Those under the Life Challenge Number 5 are challenged by the inability to make decisions as a result of being overly emotional. Fives are usually unreasonable, irritable, and impulsive that they often run into trouble.

Life Challenge Number 6 - People under the Life Challenge Number 6 are perfectionists who set standards for themselves that are impossible to meet. They can be arrogant, controlling, and demanding.

Life Challenge Number 7 - For those under the Life Challenge Number 7, they can be very emotional and may sometimes need to repress their feelings in order to survive. A child under this number may manifest self-absorption, obsessiveness, and exhibits partial to complete retreatment from reality.

Life Challenge Number 8 - Those under Life challenge Number 8 can be mostly greedy and superficial. As an adult they might value the pursuit of wealth, power, and prestige above all other things.

Life Challenge Number 9 - Lastly, having a Life Challenge Number 9 means your primary concern is about carrying out humanitarian efforts in order to help the world at large. It is a noble path to take since you’re selflessness and compassion help you a lot in actualizing this kind of direction in your life.

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