Life Challenge number..

Reveals the challenges in your life.

Numerology uses three individual numbers to represent the challenges in life:

  • the Early Challenge Number

  • the Middle Challenge Number, and

  • the Main Challenge Number.

These number representations represent the obstacles, hurdles and difficulties that you will face during the early, middle and last phases of your life, respectively.

To calculate your Challenge Numbers, first, reduce your birthday into a single number, this includes your birth month and the year of your birth as well. This should be done separately and you must reduce even master numbers (like 11 or 22) to a single digit.

For example if your birthday is March 12, 1982, March is reduced to 3, and the date 12 is calculated as (1+2=3), and 1982 (1+9+8+2=20), reduce 20 to a single digit and the result is 2 (2+0=2).

Calculate your Early Life Challenge Number by subtracting your birth month number and your birthday number from each other. From our example above, having a birthday of March 12th will result in 0 as the Early Challenge Number (3-3=0).

For your Middle Challenge Number, subtract your birthday number and your birthday year number. Using the same date, March 12, 1982, the birthday number is 3, and the birth year number is 2 (3-2=1). 1 is the Middle Challenge number for this birth date.

Finally, to calculate your Main Challenge Number, subtract your Early Life Challenge Number from your Middle Challenge Number. With March 12, 1982 as the same example, the Early Life Challenge Number is 0 and the Middle Life Challenge Number is 1. The Main Challenge Number is 1.

Once you have calculated your set of Life Challenge Numbers consult the Life Challenge Number Chart for Interpretation.

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