Outer (Personality) number..

Reveals your external personality - also known as the personality number

The Outer Personality Number often shows how others perceive us. It describes how we appear to other people and to the world. It is important that we determine what other people think of us and what first impressions they have of us because it is our exterior self and outer persona that interacts with the world, not our inner self.

Personality number is obtained from adding up the numerical equivalent of each consonants of the full name you’re given at birth. An odd number personality would you usually lean more on the creative and artistic aspects of expressions, while an even number personality is more of the pragmatic and organized type.

Each letter has been assigned a corresponding single digit number. Number 1 is for letters A, J, S; number 2 for letters B, K, T; number 3 for letters C, L, U; number 4 for letters D, M, V; number 5 for letters E, N, W; number 6 for letters F, O, X; number 7 for letters G, P, Y; number 8 for letters H, Q, Z; and number 9 for letters I and R.

To calculate your personality number, assign each consonant in your name with the corresponding numerical equivalent. Do this separately with your first name, middle name (if you have one), and last name. Add the numbers up separately for each of your names.

The sum of each of your names is usually a two-digit number that will be reduced by adding them together to come up with a single digit value. Once you have the single digit numbers for each of your names, add these up and reduce it to a single digit value by adding it up again.

If you encounter the master numbers 11, 22 and 33, do not reduce it any further.

Let’s try the name George Frideric Handel, the famous classical composer and musician.

For the first name, G is equivalent to number 7 and R is 9 (7+9+7=23). Then add up the two-digit, which is 23 (2+3=5).

For the middle name, F is 6, R is 9, D is 4, R is 9, and C is 3 (6+9+4+9+3=31). Add up 31 (3+1=4).

For the last name, H is 8, N is 5, D is 4 and L is 3 (8+5+4+3=20. Add up 20 (2+0=2).

George Frideric Handel’s personality number is (5+4+2) 11, a master number.

The use of the letter Y in one’s name can also affect the calculation of the personality number. When the letter Y in one’s name serves as a vowel (e.g. Mary) and is followed by another vowel (e.g. Bryan), treat is as a vowel. The final number derived from the calculation has a corresponding meaning.

Once you have calculated your Outer (Personality Number) consult the Outer Personality Numerology Chart for Interpretation.

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