Outer Personality Challenge Number Chart

Reveals your external personality - also known as the personality number

You should first calculate your outer personality number.

Outer Personality Number 1 - For those with personality number 1, you have a strong sense of control over matters in life, and particularly yourself as well. You are most likely a risk-taker as a result of wanting to be always the initiator on things.

Outer Personality Number 2, 11 - Those with personality number 2 and 11 are people lovers. You are very affable and warm people since others can easily affect you.

Outer Personality Number 3 - Personality number 3 is all about love. You are very charming, attractive, romantic, and fun to be with.

Outer Personality Number 4,2 2 - Personality number 4 and 22 is all about strength. You are very careful with money, which makes you a good provider of a family.

Outer Personality Number 5 - With a number 5 personality, you are full of charisma and witty which makes you a stimulating partner although you are highly prone to addiction. You don’t live up to your obligations and responsibility but you are always optimistic in times of trouble.

Outer Personality Number 6, 33 - If you got personality number 6 and 33, you are very lovable. Your traits are being understanding, compassionate, hospitable, faithful, and overprotective.

Outer Personality Number 7 - For personality number 7, you prefer being on your own and just enjoying your alone time. You are typically withdrawn from people and you also possess a serious, spiritual and mysterious approach in life.

Outer Personality Number 8 - Personality number 8 is about power. You love having the authority and with your strength, enthusiasm and confidence, you possess the qualities of a good leader although you can be a tad too merciless and acquisitive at times.

Outer Personality Number 9 - For personality number 9, you are noble in appearance and elegant which makes you arrogant at times. This is evened out by your ability to sympathize, making you more apt to switch from being crass to being good hearted and charismatic.

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