Relationship Compatibility for Life Path Number 1

Numerology can provide a useful tool for determining your compatibility, This page compares the Life Path Number 1 against the other numbers

You should first calculate Your and Your Partners Life Path Number and then read the corresponding description below:

Life Path Numbers 1 & 1

When an individual with life path one is paired with another life path one, it would usually result to either a fair enough or testy combination. You are two equally talented and creative individuals accompanied with two compassionate hearts.

The good thing about this pairing is that you are aware of each other’s objectives and aspirations in life. Respect and understanding will likely reign with this combination since you are headed to the same life path, thus leading to one harmonious and satisfactory relationship. Together, you make a strong and resilient couple that can endure the hardships and challenges in life.

On the other hand, both of you are bull-headed and both have the intense desire to play the particular role of a leader. Two ones with this dominating characteristic may find most, if not all activities as a competition and form of rivalry.

This can become the relationship’s greatest stumbling block since conflicts or disagreements may arise, as either partner may not be willing to submit under the other’s control. In addition, this couple is often separated by distance or career calls, which can be difficult to resist or avoid. With these instances, it would be very challenging and complicated to keep two ones together in harmony.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 2

The compatibility of a person with a life path one and life path two is quite promising and is likely to turn out well. This combination consists of one submissive partner, which is the two, complements the one’s dominant streak. This could be a lasting relationship as long as respect and sincerity are mutually reciprocated.

These two are like opposite poles attracted together as one takes on the classic and conventional role of a bread winner one who provides everything for the family while the two serves as the submissive partner who takes care of the home and looks for ways to please the one.

Here, there is no power struggle as two is by nature, a very supportive and submissive while one is strong and competitive. The contrast in these two life paths’ personalities also allows one to learn from the other which will make them better as individuals. As a result, there will be harmony and balance in the relationship.

However, when the dominant partner becomes too overbearing and too authoritarian, the relationship may crumble into pieces, as the sensitive partner may get tired of being bossed around. There is also a tendency that the one may take the other for granted since freedom and self-determination are of great value to him or her.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 3

This pairing usually describes a cheery couple. With the three possessing the qualities of an outstanding performer, it would be easy to keep a remarkable relationship with an individual whose life path number is one. The three is very good at recognizing his or her partner’s achievements, thus uplifting the one’s self-esteem, which makes their bond grow stronger and more interesting.

Though both are talented and energetic individuals sharing a lot of similar interests, there is not much to worry about competition as the three creatively provides insights in the subtlest way possible while the one gives the motivation or the push to materialize ideas. The end result is a contented couple with a happy and favourable relationship and has the potential to last a lifetime.

Another good thing about these two is that they will also be more likely to remain friends throughout the course of their relationship. They will enjoy many good times while inspiring each other as a couple. Regardless of the positive aspects of this combination, there may be undesirable drawbacks which both should be cautious of. This can pertain to creative differences as both do not easily give up his or her individual idea. In turn, this often causes disagreements and misunderstandings in the relationship.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 4

In numerology, life path number one and four makes a challenging combination. The relationship may stand firm for a long period of time with their positive characteristics combined but it will more likely eventually crash and burn in an instant if taken for granted.

The four in this pair may show off too much insecurity making the one very uneasy and nervous. At times, the four can be very controlling, which makes him or her a competition for number one who also wants to be in control. Most often than not, the end result of this disastrous relationship are two broken hearts with a lot of hardly comprehensible karmic lessons.

This may portray a situation in which there is always somebody who needs to feel needed by the other person, thus creating an unhealthy relationship to be in. In some instances, this pairing can flourish as long as the one does not take or initiate a path of uncertainty with dangerous and doubtful consequences as the four is an individual who has everything already planned out for the long-term and is determined to stick to it.

It is very important for these two to respect each other’s needs and personalities in order for the relationship to work out for the better.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 5

The life path match of these two numbers is generally good and extraordinary. Both one and five enjoy and put much value on their freedom and the need for self-determination. They create a relationship of passion as well as of power. Together, they can achieve their goals regardless of what may stand in their way.

Moreover, these two individuals support each other as they know and understand the things that will make each other happy. This is a combination that will work for long distance or even an online romance as they oddly enjoy missing each other.

Personal space is essential to both numbers especially when it comes to taking control of their own career paths, travels and social networks. The personalities and qualities in this match are both complementary to one another and this is what makes it more interesting and different from any other number combination.

With this set-up, there is a guarantee of blissful romance with regards to the relationship, spiritual bond and shared aspirations of this match. Though this pair makes a good couple, there is a tendency for both to become a little bit demanding which can then cause insecurities to arise, thus ultimately dictating how they treat each other.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 6

Life path one when paired with life path six could end up in another chaotic love story. These two life paths have opposing personality traits that may hinder each other’s personal growth.

The six can be very rigid and insistent with his or her desires to nurture and take care of his or her partner. This overly attentive behaviour may fend off the other’s dependence as an individual with life path one cherishes their independence so much. In addition, their priorities in life greatly differ which contributes to the conflicts and setbacks of the relationship.

It is important for number six to eliminate or at least minimize this controlling and possessive behaviour as this may be considered a threat to the one’s desire to be in control. Holding the one too tight on the neck will make him or her feel smothered and may eventually want out of the relationship.

In some way, this combination has the possibility to endure these challenges provided that both parties are willing to reign in their conflicting and undesirable traits. Self-discipline and sensitivity towards the needs of each other are the key components for a long lasting relationship between one and six.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 7

The compatibility of life paths one and seven is difficult to foresee or predict. Certain one-seven relationships managed to survive whereas others do not even have a chance. During the early stage, the link between these two individuals is mainly intellectual which offers a great position to connect pretty well and to have common things to share.

Life path one possesses an enthusiasm to tread on any beaten path. Moreover, ones have an open and eccentric mentality that can result to a promising relationship with a number seven since sevens adapt well to a person’s quirks.

Both of these individuals are ready to make a daring risk in trying to get into new and uncharted intellectual realms. These two have a high chance of hitting it off and can then lead to a very favourable combination. They are also both open-minded people motivated by different outlooks in life but for some inexplicable reason, they are able to blend finely in order to make a flavourful fusion of sorts.

It may also appear that this combination will not have such a high chance of success but the blending of these two personalities work in general. The shy and timid seven somehow skilfully complements the outgoing and assertive one, which makes them appreciative of each other more.

The seven encourages the one with insights and the one encourages the seven by carrying out his or her ideas into action. However, the relationship can go sour if one of them takes the others’ temporary lack of attention personally.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 8

The matching of one and eight is not that good romantically but on the other hand, it can be a great match in a business venture. Most of the time, one can obtain necessary financial support to achieve the proposal designed by the eight.

With regards to love, this combination will become a disaster. Both numbers are overly sensitive and emotional as well. These two can be very demanding, which usually results to a messy power struggle. Moreover, this couple has the tendency to become impractical in some way. Either one or the other expects unrealistically from each other.

They may also tend to have false beliefs about the true identity of one another. Any ensuing break-up from this couple more often than not, leads to a terrible situation or may also involve obsession, retaliation and some other damaging behaviour.

This life path combination consists of two stubborn individuals who are mutually strong willed, demanding and overly exacting. Two leaders in a group often cause emotional distress and unhealthy competition. Both expect no smaller amount of respect and value. They want the same amount of dish served on a silver platter and none of them wants to be controlled by the other since being a subordinate of the other is unacceptable.

Life Path Numbers 1 & 9

With a nine and one match, their compatibility in general can be challenging. In the early stage, number nine will show off a certain kind of selflessness within the union which lets number one stay in the limelight as he or she desires. If the nine is able to continue with this subservient attitude and allow the one to become the centre of attention, then there is a tendency that this relationship will flow positively for the long-term.

Most ones appreciate altruistic and generous traits in an individual like the nine. However, in some cases, there may also be instances when the one feels jealous of the nine. In addition, the common setback in a one-nine combination is that the one can become thoughtless and insensitive of the feelings of the fragile and gentle nine or the nine can make his or her mind up to let go and pursue a spiritual journey on his or her own.

Furthermore, ones are generally inclined towards egoistic behaviour and to some extent an overly selfish personality that may cause the relationship to crumble. The heat of romance will go on as long as there is a certain quantity of distance kept, as both individuals have the need to live their own lives separately.

What’s odd about this pairing is that even if it is difficult to maintain the romance, it works for some other types of relationships such as friendships, parent-child and business associations. Both of these life path numbers positions on the opposite ends of the scale, which at times creates a balanced and harmonious environment as one and nine complement each other. When united, they show off their talents and desirable personality traits that warrant a powerful team in most other kind of affiliations apart from the aspect of love.

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