Relationship Compatibility for Life Path Number 3

Numerology can provide a useful tool for determining your compatibility, This page compares the Life Path Number 3 against the other numbers

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Life Path Numbers 3 & 1

This pairing usually describes a cheery couple. With the three possessing the qualities of an outstanding performer, it would be easy to keep a remarkable relationship with an individual whose life path number is one. The three is very good at recognizing his or her partner’s achievements, thus uplifting the one’s self-esteem, which makes their bond grow stronger and more interesting.

Though both are talented and energetic individuals sharing a lot of similar interests, there is not much to worry about competition as the three creatively provides insights in the subtlest way possible while the one gives the motivation or the push to materialize ideas. The end result is a contented couple with a happy and favourable relationship and has the potential to last a lifetime.

Another good thing about these two is that they will also be more likely to remain friends throughout the course of their relationship. They will enjoy many good times while inspiring each other as a couple. Regardless of the positive aspects of this combination, there may be undesirable drawbacks which both should be cautious of. This can pertain to creative differences as both do not easily give up his or her individual idea. In turn, this often causes disagreements and misunderstandings in the relationship.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 2

The product of a life path two combined with three makes a potentially strong and stable partnership. It heightens the creativity of each other, as both individuals possess pleasant and friendly characteristics. The three’s spirit is abundant with enthusiasm under the glare of the spotlight while the two is contented standing back and appreciating the show.

With the outstanding communication skills of number three, there is rarely a dull moment for number two. Both of these individuals are passionate when it comes to romance.

However, there is a tendency for the three to get easily anxious of arguments and conflicts, which may lead to a fight or flight reaction. If this is not effectively managed, it may put an end to the relationship. It is essential for the couple to know and understand the attitudes, fears and desires of each other.

Managing finances is also a great challenge for number three as he or she does not have much interest in calculating expenses and savings, and this attitude may scare off number two as he or she has the need for stability and security. Furthermore, the three may also tend to lack concern about important matters and this can be perceived as a negative trait by the sensitive two. If not addressed promptly, it may very well contribute to the failure of the relationship.

As long as the three can manage their verbal impulses efficiently and the two retains an ample amount of coolness towards taking in random comments and criticisms, the combination has a very good chance of maintaining a passionate and blissful relationship. In any success story in relationships, respect and understanding between the two partners are essential to attain continuous progress both as a unit and as well as separate entities.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 3

The pairing between life path 3 and 3 is one stimulating ride. Both have easy, laid back natures that go well with their creative drives. You know how to make each other happy since you get along dynamically.

Being free-spirited individuals, you know how to give each other enough space to socialize with other people, as this is one of the core needs of threes. This kind of understanding makes for a smooth and stable relationship since you inherently know how to support one another. Moreover, this relationship has a lot of fun moments that bring out the best of your personalities.

However, problems may arise when it comes to taking care of the practical and mundane things, as both of you are hesitant to wade through these matters. This couple’s tendency to maintain a light hearted approach to things can tax the relationship’s depth as a lot of issues are frequently left unresolved. Since the two of you are so much alike, it is hard to get anything done when both of you are feeling volatile.

If this particular problem festers, it might prove to be detrimental to your relationship’s well being as there is no balance of differences to keep the other from falling.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 4

Life path three when joined together with a person whose life path is four can either lead to a disastrous partnership or a promising one. The three is an adventurous, optimistic and enthusiastic individual who loves taking risks. These characteristics do not blend in seamlessly with the number four’s grounded, rigid and inflexible nature.

The four requires discipline and focus when it comes to work, which is less than contrary to the number three’s approach of a happy-go-lucky attitude. These contrasting traits may either balance out the relationship or result in a negative possibility as it may cause misunderstandings and unending clashes.

In dealing and handling life challenges especially with regards to material shortcomings, conflict may arise as the three’s approach is less serious while the four on the other hand, is very much systematic, practical and definite.

Furthermore, the four has already made plans for the future and this by all means should be implemented. It may seem beneficial for the lax three as it gives him or her a guide or purpose in life, which is lacking.

However, it may also bring out instances where the three may feel smothered with the strict and detailed plans of four. This in turn, can make the four disappointed with the lack of effort, discipline and responsibility of the number three.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 5

The life path match of three and five makes a wonderful combination. These two individuals get along very well with each other, as they both understand the importance of open communication, which makes each other’s presence interesting and delightful.

Their love for social activities, travels and adventures saves the union from the path of boredom. Three and five’s partnership is a match with one of the greatest compatibility along with the least undesirable implications. However, as both have so much in common, which includes both their positive and negative characteristics, the tendency is that they may end up heightening and aggravating each other’s weakness and negative traits.

There may also be a little problem when it comes to productivity, as both are more inclined to interact with other people rather than taking responsibilities or preparing for the future.

The tandem that the five and three brings is one of gregariousness and friendliness. These two personalities can bring each other under the limelight. This is a good scenario but it may also result in jealousy as each one struggles to stay and play under the glare of fame, thereby causing an awkward and competitive atmosphere between the two.

In addition, though both individuals have the ability to communicate well, there may be instances when one or both does not want to express an inner issue verbally.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 6

The product of the combination of the life paths three and six make up a creative couple. With the enthusiastic characteristic of number three that’s coupled with a great sense of humour, it’ll be able to complement the six’s warmth, comfort, support and self-sacrificing affection. This then creates an ideal pairing that is perfect for any form of relationships, be it a personal or a purely business one.

This match can become famous, as both love socializing with friends as well as family members inside their expanded social circle. Moreover, the six has a very likable personality that often elicits long lasting loyalty and attachment from the number three.

On the other hand, the three is a light spirited person who has less interest in handling emotional issues, which might make him or her a rational choice when the other partner wants a shoulder to cry on.

With the adventurous soul of the three, it lightens up and adds more colour to the relationship that he or she has with the number six. Though the chemistry of these individuals is very strong, the drawback comes when the thoughtful six perceives the playfulness and flightiness of the three as a sign of insensitivity and lack of affection.

In addition, the six’s predisposition to having overt emotional may scare off and overwhelm the three’s freedom-loving nature.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 7

Two people who have life path number three and seven will find it quite challenging to meld their life direction due to diverging paths. It is, however, a compelling match that can either defy or succumb to the odds surrounding their partnership.

They are essentially two disparate people, as three people tend to be always on the move and whose life is filled with social events while those who have the life path number seven are private people who prefer muted surroundings rather than noisy ones. Most often than not, they will tend to withdraw from human contact in numerous occasions just to be able to get their bearings back when socializing with other people.

These two might frequently find themselves in opposing views from each other as each one comes from a whole other perspective. They have different essential qualities that might engender a lot of trivial discussions between the two. This relationship can either be a one roller coaster ride or a match made in heaven. There are only two extremes to choose from since this a partnership that can never stay neutral.

In spite the odds stacked against the union between a three and a seven, it still definitely has a potential to last for long-term as far as each person is willing to compromise and accept that they will never be as same as two reflections in a mirror that evinces each one’s likeness.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 8

The combination of three and eight life paths is a bit middle-of-the-road when it comes to compatibility. There are areas where they’ll jive together while there are also some areas they’ll clash against each other so each partner will have to make an extra effort to iron out any issues regarding their differences.

Most likely, their difference lies in the fact that they hold differing views in the important aspects of their life so you’ll have to respect each other’s choices if you want to sustain a peaceful and amicable relationship. Learn to adjust your expectations of each other, as this can be one of the most destructive factors in making your relationship tumultuous.

On the other hand, once you get through the initial setbacks of your relationship, you’ll be able to fully enjoy and appreciate each one’s peculiarities and quirks. You have the potential to enhance each other’s weakness in the process as each one can see how different the other can be.

Once you develop tolerance for each other, you’ll be able to see the rainbow after the rain or the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is one satisfying relationship especially once you get over the tempestuous start. You’ll see that harmony is not such a long shot after all especially if both parties are willing to work things out.

Life Path Numbers 3 & 9

The compatibility of three and nine is a moderate one at best. You both have imaginative minds that have the ability to surpass life’s realities making it easier for the two of you to resort to escapism when presented with formidable problems that can be too much to bear. If one of you manages to come down to earth from time to time to face the relationship’s difficulties then the relationship can be better fortified.

Conversely, you can also easily entertain each other at length even if your environment is not conducive to fun. You and your partner’s fertile minds are a playground for a host of things that can keep both of you amused even if you’re both left to your own devices.

However, both of you also have the tendency to look inward and to be self-centred in thinking that each one’s self should precede the other. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make you less compatible with your partner, as you both know this for yourself. Everything can also be easily smoothed out as long as both of you share the limelight with each other.

Inwardly, you have mutual respect for each other since you fully well know what the other is really like. This kind of understanding definitely makes you more accepting of the other’s foibles, as you tend to be guilty of it too. In spite of this fact, remember to refrain from being too competitive as this can definitely hurt the other’s ego.

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