Relationship Compatibility for Life Path Number 6

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Life Path Numbers 6 & 1

Life path six when paired with life path one could end up in another chaotic love story. These two life paths have opposing personality traits that may hinder each other’s personal growth.

The six can be very rigid and insistent with his or her desires to nurture and take care of his or her partner. This overly attentive behaviour may fend off the other’s dependence as an individual with life path one cherishes their independence so much. In addition, their priorities in life greatly differ which contributes to the conflicts and setbacks of the relationship.

It is important for number six to eliminate or at least minimize this controlling and possessive behaviour as this may be considered a threat to the one’s desire to be in control. Holding the one too tight on the neck will make him or her feel smothered and may eventually want out of the relationship.

In some way, this combination has the possibility to endure these challenges provided that both parties are willing to reign in their conflicting and undesirable traits. Self-discipline and sensitivity towards the needs of each other are the key components for a long lasting relationship between one and six.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 2

In general, the combination of the six and two is an okay match. The six’s hierarchy of values lies with his or her family at the top. His or her desires are directed towards taking care and providing comfort to those dearest to him or her, while a person with life path two is sensitive and intuitive, thus, making you both readily available to display your affection for each other without hesitations.

With the two as an emotionally aware person, he or she understands the need to belong and to love while the six will greatly contribute in creating a strong foundation to the relationship. When this foundation is constantly infused with mutual affection and respect, it would be easier to maintain a happy and long lasting partnership. Both of these numbers put family and personal relationships as their priority, which is a great thing in any kind of love investment.

Though there seem to be a lot of similarities between these life paths, which can then show off as a positive enforcement in their relationship, the negative traits of each may also bring setbacks and challenges to the commitment of these two. It is of utmost importance to be aware of each other’s desires and discover each other’s hidden urges to make a stronger bond. It is a necessity for the six to attain constant approval and approbation, which at times, may not be given by two, as he or she is a shy type of person.

On the other hand, the two is somewhat consumed by insecurity, jealousy and envy, which may take away the colour or the spice in the relationship. When these negative attitudes are effectively managed with kind considerations of each other’s emotions, the possibility of the relationship to collapse is less likely to happen.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 3

The product of the combination of the life paths six and three make up a creative couple. With the enthusiastic characteristic of number three that’s coupled with a great sense of humour, it’ll be able to complement the six’s warmth, comfort, support and self-sacrificing affection. This then creates an ideal pairing that is perfect for any form of relationships, be it a personal or a purely business one.

This match can become famous, as both love socializing with friends as well as family members inside their expanded social circle. Moreover, the six has a very likable personality that often elicits long lasting loyalty and attachment from the number three.

On the other hand, the three is a light spirited person who has less interest in handling emotional issues, which might make him or her a rational choice when the other partner wants a shoulder to cry on.

With the adventurous soul of the three, it lightens up and adds more colour to the relationship that he or she has with the number six. Though the chemistry of these individuals is very strong, the drawback comes when the thoughtful six perceives the playfulness and flightiness of the three as a sign of insensitivity and lack of affection.

In addition, the six’s predisposition to having overt emotional may scare off and overwhelm the three’s freedom-loving nature.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 4

A romantic alliance between a six and a four is a suitable one. There are few characteristics that these two don’t share as they present two parallels that pose considerable similarities between the two.

The way into a consummate relationship is pegged with various hardships although it remains that this partnership has what it takes to stand the test of time as long as both compromise and are willing to work out any kinks in their relationship.

Moreover, the potential here is promising since both of you can propel each other to higher places since there’s plenty to learn from each other. Sixes are caring people who have a penchant for taking on obligations while fours are typically grounded people who prefer to stay firm in whatever aspect of their life.

The key to making this partnership sustainable for the long term is to develop a system of give and take wherein the other party gives an ample space and acceptance whenever his or her partner acts up in a contrary way to what he or she is prone to do.

If you’re a four, do know that sixes are naturally optimistic people who like looking at the bright side of things so it’s not like they’re purposely living in denial, they just prefer to practice positivity as a way to cope with their daily lives. For the sixes out there, remember that fours are controlled and utilitarian people who prefer seeing things as it is, without the rose-colored glasses.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 5

A six and five partnership is a very passionate one that could either flame out or burn into a razing fire that consumes both of them. These two are great complements of each other as long as they make an effort to understand each other’s oddities.

Although your personalities are on the opposite side of the spectrum, you can try to meet in the middle by compromising parts of your personalities in order to achieve a more harmonious relationship. Refrain from being too headstrong, as this will make the other clamp up more, instead espouse a giving situation where both of you can compromise for the sake of the other.

Fives are freedom-loving people while sixes are people who possess a lot of compassion in their heart for other people that’s why it can be hard for both to achieve a point of agreement when it comes to approach in handling people.

Moreover, the carefree spirit of five is a definite conflicting trait with the six’s willingness to take on responsibility. This disparate disposition about life in general can be a source of many disagreements in the future. Six will be hard-pressed to make the five settle down, as he or she is one free willing person who likes change and hates stale, boring routines.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 6

The six and six partnership is one of the best pairing out there because of these two’s ability to commit and devote themselves to their partner. There will be plenty of romance and passion in this relationship as both of you can pretty much intuit what the other wants or needs.

However, difficulties may arise when the two of you gets too dependent on each other. You are both capable of feeling deep empathy for each other’s plights and that could be good as long as the two of you steer clear from too much wallowing.

Sooner or later, you’ll need to be able to establish yourselves without having to always rely on the other. On a more positive note, this relationship has the potential to stand the test of time and to lead to long-term stability.

You are both healers who know how to comfort each other so any problems you encounter along the way will be an opportunity for both of you to show your support for each other.

Moreover, the two of you are responsible people who will take on any obligations willingly so taking on functional roles in the relationship would not be a hurdle at all.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 7

Six and seven are another challenging match because of the key differences in both of their personality. Sixes are typically people who tend to feel a lot and are pretty much in touch with their emotions while sevens are rational people who put a lot of stock in logic rather than their sentiments.

This could create a lot of misunderstanding between the two since they come from two differing perspectives. Moreover, sevens are secretive people who prefer keeping their distance while sixes are open individuals who foster emotional and physical closeness more than any other life path number.

When these two come together, it can make the six feel insecure because sevens do not fit their definition of what and how love should be shown. This pairing magnifies a certain kind of a love-hate relationship because although love between two people can be consuming, it does not mean that two people are also well suited for each other.

It will require cooperation between the two to strike a compromise on how much they are willing to give to the other person without giving up too much of themselves. There is definitely a lot of room for growth for this match and working on each other’s weakness is a must.

On a more positive note, sevens are usually attracted to sixes’ ease of forming relationships because this is something that they clearly lack. These two can teach a lot to each other as long as they remain open-minded about learning.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 8

The partnership between six and eight is quite a positive one because both have realistic and responsible personalities. They know pretty well how to take care of each other as they can easily anticipate each one’s needs or wants.

The main characteristic of six is a caring nature while eight thrives in a leadership role, which suits the two together. However, too much dependence of the six to his or her partner may foster an unhealthy reliance that can result in eight’s taking advantage of six. This kills both the ardour essential in sustaining a relationship, stunting the opportunity for individual growth and development.

As long as each life path number’s negative characteristics are minimized, this pair will make a wonderful combination that’s definitely worth the effort. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that the eight values his or her authoritative role so much and he or she dislikes the feeling of being the one subverted.

This can happen if ever the six takes on the brunt of too much of the responsibility. If these negative traits of both numbers are put under control, the relationship can grow deeper and more mature with relative ease. Both partners should learn ways how to handle their weaker traits so as to achieve satisfactory results as a unit and also for their own individual benefit.

Life Path Numbers 6 & 9

The union between six and nine is one extremely compatible pairing. These two may take delight in their desire to help other people and to serve a greater cause beyond their own interests.

Six and nine are both naturals builders who have what it takes to touch various people in the course of their lifetime. As they’re both responsible and attentive to the needs of each other, it follows that they bond stronger over their similarities rather than their differences.

It is natural for this couple to be able to understand the feelings of each other even without saying it out loud. They typically pay attention and listen to each other well, which amply shows their support and care. On the other hand, a probable complication may arise when there’s too much criticisms heaped on each other.

This can serve as the root of emotional setbacks, which can greatly affect the status of the relationship. In general, the six and nine have very good rapport with each other that’s also often noticed by others in any social gatherings they attend.

So long as the six remains being the chief nurturer and the nine being the main helper, it will be a match made in heaven as they make a great team in being able to impart their compassion and generosity to other people.

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