Relationship Compatibility for Life Path Number 9

Numerology can provide a useful tool for determining your compatibility, This page compares the Life Path Number 9 against the other numbers

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Life Path Numbers 9 & 1

With a one and nine match, their compatibility in general can be challenging. In the early stage, number nine will show off a certain kind of selflessness within the union which lets number one stay in the limelight as he or she desires. If the nine is able to continue with this subservient attitude and allow the one to become the centre of attention, then there is a tendency that this relationship will flow positively for the long-term.

Most ones appreciate altruistic and generous traits in an individual like the nine. However, in some cases, there may also be instances when the one feels jealous of the nine. In addition, the common setback in a one-nine combination is that the one can become thoughtless and insensitive of the feelings of the fragile and gentle nine or the nine can make his or her mind up to let go and pursue a spiritual journey on his or her own.

Furthermore, ones are generally inclined towards egoistic behaviour and to some extent an overly selfish personality that may cause the relationship to crumble. The heat of romance will go on as long as there is a certain quantity of distance kept, as both individuals have the need to live their own lives separately.

What’s odd about this pairing is that even if it is difficult to maintain the romance, it works for some other types of relationships such as friendships, parent-child and business associations. Both of these life path numbers positions on the opposite ends of the scale, which at times creates a balanced and harmonious environment as one and nine complement each other. When united, they show off their talents and desirable personality traits that warrant a powerful team in most other kind of affiliations apart from the aspect of love.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 2

A nine and two match provides a picture of a challenging and demanding combination. These individuals do not get along very well when it comes to romance. Although they are equally loving and caring people, they show much indifference with regards to what each other wants especially when it pertains to priorities they have set for themselves.

The nine’s concentration is more likely directed in doing humanitarian and philanthropic activities which his or her community can benefit from while the two is more often than not emotional and is focused only on the well being of the specific person he or she cares about.

In addition, number two is open and easy-going in showing affection while number nine is more cautious and withdrawn in matters of the heart. Much effort is required to achieve a satisfactory and long lasting relationship with this combination.

Oddly, when it comes to other partnerships other than romance, such as in business, the two and nine combination will particularly hit it off. They’ll be able to form successful bonds with the melding of their minds. In the love aspect, the nine for some reason, becomes a little bit of hesitant in expressing his or her affection that makes him maintain a safe distance causing the relationship with the two to crumble.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 3

The compatibility of nine and three is a moderate one at best. You both have imaginative minds that have the ability to surpass life’s realities making it easier for the two of you to resort to escapism when presented with formidable problems that can be too much to bear. If one of you manages to come down to earth from time to time to face the relationship’s difficulties then the relationship can be better fortified.

Conversely, you can also easily entertain each other at length even if your environment is not conducive to fun. You and your partner’s fertile minds are a playground for a host of things that can keep both of you amused even if you’re both left to your own devices.

However, both of you also have the tendency to look inward and to be self-centred in thinking that each one’s self should precede the other. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make you less compatible with your partner, as you both know this for yourself. Everything can also be easily smoothed out as long as both of you share the limelight with each other.

Inwardly, you have mutual respect for each other since you fully well know what the other is really like. This kind of understanding definitely makes you more accepting of the other’s foibles, as you tend to be guilty of it too. In spite of this fact, remember to refrain from being too competitive as this can definitely hurt the other’s ego.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 4

The combination for this partnership can be arduous and stretching as the chances of this union working out for the better is a bit far-reaching because of all the opposing forces against them.

The key differences of each one’s character become more pronounced when the two of them connect together and making this relationship last requires tremendous effort and work from both parties. There will be various times that you won’t be able to see each other eye to eye since you both have radical views on so many things that are opposing to each other.

To be a successful union, other factors in your numerological chart should be compatible with your partner in order to facilitate better relationship compatibility.

The four’s inherent pragmatism and grounded nature will typically go against the nine’s unbinding idealism, which can create a lot of instances where they are at loggerheads at each other. Most times, nines will have a hard time accepting the reality as it is and they will typically go through a denial phase before they are able to fully accept something.

This, however, frustrates fours since they always employ a no-nonsense approach when facing the real world. Fours have to learn to be more flexible in order to accommodate the nine’s quirks while nines should learn when to just accept things or to let go. These traits are just one of the few characteristics that these two pairs should work on.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 5

Another tough shell to crack when it comes to compatibility is the one between nine and five. These two don’t have a lot of shared interests and traits that overlap so it’ll be hard to find a common ground between them.

Nines will usually think of as fives as flighty and rash because of their preference for keeping their independent streak while fives will think of nines as the quintessential idealists who have difficulty keeping their heads grounded. These two numbers rarely attract and if these two find themselves drawn to each other, it is most likely an influence of another number in their numerological charts.

Furthermore, being sensitive is key here in this relationship, as each one possesses an easily hurt core that can pretty much get overlooked with all the obvious differences in this pairing. The only road to success regarding this pairing is when they make the conscious choice to give, share and sacrifice for the betterment of the relationship.

Both should learn not to expect anything in return, as this will pave the way for more sincere interactions between the two. Do know that every romantic endeavour has the possibility to arrive at a dead end or the destination you two have longed for. The path to the latter is to provide each other undaunted support and understanding so nothing can stand between the two of you.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 6

The union between nine and six is one extremely compatible pairing. These two may take delight in their desire to help other people and to serve a greater cause beyond their own interests.

Six and nine are both naturals builders who have what it takes to touch various people in the course of their lifetime. As they’re both responsible and attentive to the needs of each other, it follows that they bond stronger over their similarities rather than their differences.

It is natural for this couple to be able to understand the feelings of each other even without saying it out loud. They typically pay attention and listen to each other well, which amply shows their support and care. On the other hand, a probable complication may arise when there’s too much criticisms heaped on each other.

This can serve as the root of emotional setbacks, which can greatly affect the status of the relationship. In general, the six and nine have very good rapport with each other that’s also often noticed by others in any social gatherings they attend.

So long as the six remains being the chief nurturer and the nine being the main helper, it will be a match made in heaven as they make a great team in being able to impart their compassion and generosity to other people.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 7

A pairing between these two life path numbers can be pegged somewhere at middle ground. The compatibility of this match is neutral at best, however, it is not impossible to join these two and keep them united as they have a couple of things in common and they might also share some similar characteristics and desires.

Provided that this couple will be able to withstand the challenge of keeping harmony in their relationship then the more likely outcome would be desirable. On a more positive note, this pairing has the potential to build a financially stable future coupled with meaningful dreams to look forward to.

What’s more is that by formulating common objectives and priorities for their relationship, these two might just be able to bridge any gaps or personal differences they might have. This in turn can also help reduce tension and emotional strain between the couple by giving greater chance for the relationship to survive.

Though it may be difficult to keep the fire burning with this pairing what with their opposite characteristics and priorities, it can still be saved with a considerable amount of respect and support as they will both need to happily grow together as a united and matured couple. This, however, must be done while still being able to preserve their identities as two separate persons.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 8

The nine and eight pairing is a match that’s not well suited at all to each other. The eight may typically show off a less caring attitude in the relationship as he or she can be too caught up in accumulating material possessions and this will most likely hurt the sensitive nine.

Both of them have the tendency to hinder each other’s success as the nine’s general perspective is always in opposition to the eight’s domineering drive with regards to planning for the future.

This combined attitude will most likely lead to nowhere unless they learn and understand the need for each other’s space. Nine, on his or her part must manage any feelings of insecurity, oversensitivity and jealousy while eight should learn to rein in his or her tendency to control and be overbearing.

In addition, keeping the fire burning in this combination is difficult and it also usually results in a union that’s short lived. However, as long as the negative implications of both personalities are managed effectively they can utilize their differences in a way as to supplement each other’s weakness then this combination has the chance of working out.

If the relationship endures these obstacles and eight has won the heart of the nine fully then there will be no shortage of love in this partnership as the nine can be a self-sacrificing, generous and caring partner.

Life Path Numbers 9 & 9

A nine and nine pairing is one very good match especially when it comes to their generosity and willingness to help other people. When these two get together, they have the potential to bring a lot of goodness to humanity due to their unbending charitable nature.

Your similarity with your partner brings out the best in both of you so facing challenges are a tad easier for the two of you to overcome. Moreover, you and your partner’s selflessness jive well with together so helping others in need will never be an issue in your relationship.

Despite the great promise of this relationship, there are a few pitfalls they have to be wary of as their selfless nature may also lead to them to underestimate their own needs. Although both of you are capable of loving immensely, your approach to love may come off as impersonal since each one is more focused on the realization of their dreams, which essentially involves the greater good.

Once the two of you manage to get past all these then the road to a stronger bond is not such a far off thing. The way to bliss for these two will be paved by a lot of sacrifices but it will all be worth the journey in the end.

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