Transit (Essence) number..

Reveals your energy in a particular year

Transit Essence Number is basically the summary of the events that has transpired and will happen in one’s life year after year. It shows the influences and opportunities in one’s life, which also includes gains and losses, beginnings and endings that you might experience.

The Essence Number, which is derived from a person’s given name, is one of the measures used in numerology to discover the potentials that can influence one’s life during a specific period in their life.

This can be particularly useful when it comes to assessing how changes and cycles in our life can affect us.

To calculate your essence number for each year, you must first remember the letter values.

  • Letters A, J, and S is for number 1;

  • B, K, T for number 2;

  • C, L, U for number 3;

  • D, M, V for number 4;

  •  E, N, W is number 5;

  • F, O, X is number 6;

  • G, P, Y for number 7;

  • H, Q, Z for number 8; and

  • I, R for number 9.

You can then set out to find the numeric values of the letters of the first name, middle name and last name.

Once you have calculated your Transit (Essence) Number consult the Transit Essence Numerology Chart for Interpretation.

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